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Shop floor:

20,000 sq. ft


18,000 sq. ft

Our Mundka plant is a state-of-art manufacturing unit ensuring key critical parameters for manufacturing are controlled & monitored periodically to achieve manufacturing excellence. The establishment is:

  • A climate-controlled environment, most suitable for product assembly and testing
  • Dust resistant
  • Pneumatically controlled setups for better-controlled manufacturing processes
  • ESD-Safe shop floor
  • Appropriate lighting and ventilation
  • Heat insulation system
  • 100% power back-up
  • Designed to minimize material handling

Leveraging automation and robotics to achieve efficiency and quality

Our globally unique manufacturing process design employs special-purpose machines (SPM) to fully automate the testing, calibration, and verification processes along with robotic electric torque control automatic screwdrivers.

The Benefits:

  • Reduced variability in production
  • 5X boost in the production capacity
  • Assured increase in product reliability
  • 70% reduction in labor cost

The Distinguishing Factor

While we are committed to optimizing our manufacturing design process, we are leveraging top talents in design & engineering and data analytics to bring constant fine-tuning and enhancement to our smart meters to emerge as the most trusted industry leader in the smart metering market scape.


Our production unit is a highly secure and compliant establishment to ensure all our employees are duly equipped to work efficiently and safely at all hours.

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire-exit plan
  • A safe and robust storage system
  • Safe stairways, working areas, and pathways
  • Adequate signage
  • Efficient garbage removal system
  • Even and uncluttered shop floor
  • Healthy meals and refreshments served to all employees
  • Hygienic, fully equipped, and well-supplied infrastructure and services
  • Appropriate lighting and ventilation
  • Employees are trained to perform duties safely and responsibly
  • Employees are dressed for safety at all times
  • Periodic Fire-drills

Quality Control

  • Accelerated Life Testing on Special Purpose Machines
  • Manual visual inspection of raw materials
  • Inspection under X-Ray of random samples
  • End-of-Line testing installed at the vendor’s establishment duly integrated with our MES for real-time quality assessment and instant rejection/approval of raw materials
  • Fully Automatic Robotic Terminal Screw tightening machine with feedback capabilities, enabling online QC of screw used
  • Full-fledged NABL Lab to run Factory Acceptance Test

Leading manufacturing work methodologies integrated to accomplish ‘ZERO Defect Goal.’

Currently, we stand at a less than 0.5% product defect rate and are moving forward to achieve the 0 Defect goal by meticulously establishing globally acclaimed practices:

  • Lean Manufacturing: Achieve a small error margin, reduced rejection, and rework
  • 5S: Reduce wastage to optimize productivity
  • SIX Sigma: Transform production processes to achieve the highest quality with maximum RoI
  • JIT: Reduce Watage. Increase Productivity. Improve Quality.

Sustainable Production Process

We care for our energy footprint and take adequate measures to keep a check on them.

  • Reusable PP corrugated boxes used for packing plastic components of smart meters.
  • Zero diesel consumption for plant activities.
  • All records are maintained digitally with the least use of paper.
  • Strict adherence to ROHS Compliance. The entire production process is Lead-conscious and Plastic-Positive.