Meet Yukti:

A comprehensive workforce and asset management application that makes managing and monitoring your field assets and crew easy, cost-effective, and consolidated.

How does this help you?


Manage Assets

Locate, track, and distribute effectively


Monitor Crew

Easy and efficient delegation, coordination, and communication


Insightful Reporting

Achieve operational excellence with better planning, strategizing, and execution.

How to get started with it ?

  • Your field staff simply logs in to Yukti on their android phones to receive work orders, execute them and report about them.
  • The supervisors log into the SaaS application to manage the crew and assets.

Top 14 Functionalities


Release bulk work orders in seconds.


Supervise your crew’s movement on the field.


Retrieve the precise long/lat of your customer’s addresses.


Calculate the productivity of your workforce for efficient appraisals and resource management.


Communicate and track work orders in realtime.


360-degree Feedback loop.


Efficient Vehicle Routing System.


Tailor custom work order templates.


Locate and trace all your assets in and out of the warehouse.


Efficient access control and user management system.


Create User Profiles for your crew containing all necessary information like photo, address, and contact detail.


Keep your customer duly informed about the installation date and time.


Allow your customers to reschedule and register complaints.


Avail of powered reports to better strategize the operations

The Benefits:

  • Get rid of multiple applications to manage the workforce, issue work orders, and track assets – Yukti can do it all.
  • You will have a connected workforce on the field.
  • Easy to train and use.
  • Highly scalable and robust to manage mega AMI projects.
  • Make use of highly insightful reports to plan better and deliver the project on or before time.
  • Connect and engage with your end customers effectively and satisfactorily.
  • Improve operational coordination to control time and resource wastage.

Key Integrations


Yukti is duly integrable with your MDM to auto-fetch customer information and help you receive grievances readily and resolve them promptly. The data in Yukti can be imported into your MDM to create powerful insight reports for better planning and strategizing.  


Yukti comes ready with an in-built integration with Samaksha - An AI-enabled meter reading application. The integration helps in noting down the last meter reading accurately. Correct last meter reading is critical at the time of new meter installation for uninterrupted billing and avoiding customer discontent.

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