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Starting 2011, Sinhal Udyog has been manufacturing smart meters with the Crystal brand name. From July 25, 2023, Sinhal Udyog Private Ltd. manufactures smart meters with the Kimbal brand name.

Rebranding is done to establish a unique identity for us that echoes our organizational values and purpose.

The name 'Kimbal' is formed by conjoining two Sanskrit words, 'Kim' + 'Bal.' The translation of which is 'What Great Power!'

Product reliability is at the core of all we do. As Kimbal Technologies, the organization name reflects our core purpose of manufacturing and marketing products with ‘What Great Power!’

Yes, it is.

None. We serve you with a new name but with the same commitment to reliability, delivery, and service.

None, whatsoever. Kimbal Technologies (formerly Crystal) enters in all business contracts as Sinhal Udyog Private Limited. This will continue to remain the same. Hence, asking for no change.

The rebranding will not affect our agreed-upon pricing structure. Changes in pricing (if any) are not related to the rebranding. That is purely dependent on changes in the market dynamics.

All our official documents will now arrive to you as Kimbal Technologies. 

Kimbal Technologies Official Letterhead

Kimbal Letterhead

All the purchase orders and invoices are raised in the name of Sinhal Udyog Private Limited. And there will be no change in that.

Our products are now marketed under the brand name Kimbal, however, they are very much manufactured by Sinhal Udyog Private Limited. Hence, all certifications continue to hold as good and solid as before rebranding.

None. Each of us are here to help you in our best abilities.

Kushal smart meters are made on a uniquely automated assembly line that ensures high product reliability and negligent variability due to reduced manual intervention. Gladly we are sharing with you that our product failure rate is at <0.5%. By introducing automation to our manufacturing system, we are determined to take it further lower and finally arrive at ZERO errors.


Available Kushal Smart Meter Models:


Kushal U1 - Single phase smart meter

Kushal U3 - Three phase smart meter

Kushal HT/CT - 3 Phase 4 Wire HT CT/PT Smart Meters

Kushal LT/CT - 3 Phase 4 Wire LT/CT Smart Meters


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Please connect with Pragya Pallavi at for all your questions pertaining to rebranding.

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